There are different methods of T-shirt printing and everyone loves a cool T-shirt design. You can print your t-shirts at home or in the office using many different methods. The choice depends on what kind of shirt you’re printing, how large it is, and how long it takes to print. Explained below are some of the methods you can use to print your T-shirts.

Screen printing on T-shirt

Screen printing. Source: Istock photos

Screen printing is the most common type of T-shirt printing, and it is a great option for those who want to keep costs low. It is also one of the cheapest options, which can make it an attractive choice for many businesses.

Screen printing is done by placing ink onto a piece of fabric using a screen. This method makes it easy to control the shape and size of designs you wish to print on your shirt.

Digital direct-to-garment printing

Direct-to-Garment-Printing. Source:

Digital direct-to-garment printing is a type of sublimation that uses ink that has been pre-printed onto the T-shirt. It is very similar to screen printing, but it can print many more colors and designs than a traditional screen printer. It also uses special inks that are waterproof and heat activated. This won’t allow it to fade after washing

It’s important to note that digital direct-to-garment printing is permanent and will not fade over time like other types of sublimate t-shirts do. This makes it ideal if you want your brand logo or design on your shirts forever!

Heat transfer printing

DHT type of printing

Digital Heat Transfer. Source: Alamy

Heat transfer printing is a method of printing on fabric that involves using heat to create images or text. It’s a direct-to-garment method, and it can be used to print small quantities of shirts or other garments.

Heat transfer printing is also an excellent choice for those looking for low-cost options when it comes to creating new clothing items for their business or brand. As with most methods of printing T-shirts, this one requires some initial investment before you can start making money from your designs—but once you have invested in equipment and materials and finalized designs, then all that remains is waiting until the product sells so that profits can begin coming in!

In our next article, we will be examining other methods of printing. If you’re looking for something more customized than what we’ve talked about here today then check out our other blog articles. 

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