One of the ways to increase your customer loyalty is by designing a Customer Loyalty Program. This spans several methods which include the use of gift items, and discounts on products and services because after you have successfully built a level of brand recognition and awareness for your business, you will need to have a strong customer base. This requires a careful process which includes offering quality products or services that help to attract customers. Attracting customers is one thing, retaining and making them loyal to your brand is another.


How then do you increase customer loyalty to your brand using gift items?

People love gifts and many people appreciate gifts. From a customer point of view, a brand that offers quality services and still gifts you will have you as a loyal customer. The use of gift items to enhance customer loyalty is, therefore, a good strategy for customer retention and loyalty. In addition to this, a creative approach to using gift items is also a necessary tool to consider.

Some ways to use gift items to foster loyalty include the following:

  1. Surprise Gifts and Incentives: Everyone gets excited when they receive surprise gifts. You can gift some of your customers on their birthdays and other special occasions. It will make them feel valued and appreciated for their patronage. Present these gifts to them in a creative way and watch them become your brand promoters without hesitation.
  2. Social Media Contests: This can help in more than one way to help you keep your customers close and loyal. Organizing a contest on Social media where the winners will get gift items not only helps you keep existing customers. It will attract new customers as well as increase your online interaction with them.
  3. Giveaways: This can be done randomly or on special occasions or public holidays and celebrations. You can decide to gift the most interactive customers at the end of the year, reward the ones with more patronage, and many more as you wish to design the reward system. You can also reward customers with extra products or branded products for Patronizing you. For example, a customer who purchases 20 branded face caps from you can get 3 free extra as a reward.


Gift Ideas for Customers

One important aspect of this branding and marketing strategy is the choice of gift items. Gifts are not only for loyal customers but can also be for potential customers especially after they give your product or services a trial. Because you will be giving some of these products for free, one would be faced with the problem of capital and production fees for the products.

These factors should be put in mind while choosing the gift items for customers. These include; Simplicity, Accessibility, Relevance, and Cost. Your gift ideas don’t have to be too complex. Choose Items that can be used and seen every day like Pens, T-shirts, keyholders, Stickers, Caps, Hoodies, etc.

In addition, you can use products relevant to your brand and can also ensure you print your brand logo or name on them.  You will also need to add a few creative tweaks here and there periodically. This will cost you but it is worth the investment as this will help keep your customers happy and in turn yield positive results for your brand.

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