Atlantic Shrimpers Limited (ASL) owns and operates the modern seafood retail outlets by the store name THE FISH SHOP.

THE FISH SHOP seeks to be a one-stop shopping destination for meeting all seafood needs with a wide selection of seafood. Since its inception about two decades ago, THE FISH SHOP has grown into a trusted & well-established shopping destination for seafood lovers.

This year, Atlantic Shrimpers decided to organize a football tournament among their staff. This is where Inklar comes in. We printed the Atlantic Shrimpers Team jerseys. They were made out of comfy materials that fit into the purpose they are meant to serve- Recreation. And this is our success story with Atlantic Shrimpers.











Recreation is quite important in keeping the body and soul together. It helps to create a break both mentally and physically from work stress and activities. Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd. desires to see its staff hale, hearty and stress-free. The competition went well and was a huge success and we are happy to be a part of it.

Success story with ASL

Are you ready to tell your success story? You know what they say – there is no better publicity than a satisfied customer.  Think about your design and we will be happy to help you bring it to life. #thinkit #weinkit

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