T-shirts are a staple part of every wardrobe, regardless of age or gender orientation. They are arguably the most go-to casual outfits and it goes without saying that they come in various sizes and colors. Essentially, they are indispensable and so, we need to protect them.

We all have our favorite, comfy T-shirt and we have done the unthinkable to protect it and keep it looking the way it was when we first got it. I am going to be sharing a little story of my late beautiful black T-shirt, in the sense that it irredeemably lost its color and could not be worn again. Each time I wanted to wear it, I would literally rub my black shoe polish all over it, then sundry it in a bid to keep its color ( this is one of the things we do for love; don’t judge me).

I would be giving the ultimate guide to help protect your favorite T-shirt going for a long time, not just a good time.


1. Turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This will provide more “protection”  and there would be less direct contact on the shirt prints with other garments and the T-shirt.

2. Wash your T-shirt with cold water. This can not be over-emphasized.

3. Always use regular detergent to wash your T-shirts.

4. Never iron directly on t-shirt prints. You could simply turn the t-shirt inside out and iron.

5. Hand-dry your t-shirts. Drying any type of colored fabric in the sun can cause the color or design to fade.

6. Wash similar clothes together. For example, wash white-colored shirts together. Do not mix them with shirts of other colors.

7. Lastly, buy quality customized T-shirts from inklar.